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The AgInsider profile is customized for you as a Food & Agriculture professional and super rich. You will find all the basics that every profile has but you will also find several golden nuggets found nowhere else. For example, you can showcase your posts and questions you’ve answered. You can also highlight the specific Food & Agriculture projects you have worked on. Any endorsements you receive are highly visible and you can be sure that your endorsements are coming from fellow food and agriculture enthusiasts… you are on AgInsider

What We Offer

We have all heard it a million times, and it is so true. People and relationships are what make our farms and businesses go round. It is hard to maintain connections and contact with old colleagues. While other sites offer you the ability to connect to people you know (eg – FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter), none of them are industry specific. We think the Food & Agriculture industry is important and deserves its  own unique networking site – Find industry pros you already know.

Get published with no strings attached. AgInsider is a community of industry professionals sharing their wisdom and experiences. With AgInsider, you can easily write a post and publish it for the world to consume. It is time for us to start sharing our experiences, expertise, and knowledge today to ensure we can meet the world’s food, fiber and energy needs in the future.

We are really excited about the question and answer system. Our goal is to create a massive, free, and centralized database of food and agriculture knowledge in a question and answer format. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. As an industry  expert, you can share your knowledge with the community and see your answers become accepted and “liked”. This could really be an educational game changer and we hope you will find time to participate. Oh yeah… your answers are displayed on your profile. 

Be part of AgInsider’s knowledge base.

AgInsider Jobs is a free resource for all Food & Agriculture professionals to explore and discover new job opportunities. We created a system that makes finding and applying to Food & Agriculture opportunities easy and effective. Search jobs by keyword, skill, location or employer to find the best job for you. Search the latest job opportunities.

The skills in your profile will help companies with jobs – find you.

AgInsider Insights is the most comprehensive source of curated content for the agricultural industry. With on-demand access to interviews, keynote presentations, infographics, and highlights from your favorite industry meetings, Insights keeps you connected to the trends and topics that matter to you.

In the Information Age, being informed without being overwhelmed is a challenge. AgInsider Roundup is a great source of relevant information regarding key production strategies, technological and market developments, and a wide range of other issues likely to have a major impact on agriculture.

Dr. D Ball

Auburn University

AgInsider will  utilize a variety of supervised and unsupervised machine language  techniques to produce both a high-confidence crop forecast and other analyses that will be useful to agricultural professionals.  The wealth of time-series data provided by AgInsider allows accurate training of weights and probabilities associated with supervised methods such as neural networks , Bayesian networks, and no-regret learning.

Dr. Gunes Ercal

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Over 20 years ago, growers recognized the value of sharing information with their peers through the formation of MEY (Maximum economic Yield) Clubs. Today in many areas of the US, those early concepts have evolved into grower/retailer/consultant/researcher partnerships known as Research Networks. AgInsider is poised to facilitate these groups.

Dr. Harold Reetz

Foundation for Agronomic Research

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