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Pay Attention to Sulfur

Contributed by Dr. Mike Steward,  IPNI Sulfur (S) is an essential nutrient in crop production. Although it’s classified as a secondary element along with magnesium and calcium, it is sometimes called “the fourth major nutrient” because some crops can take up as much S...

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Managing Corn Seed Costs

Joe Lauer and Trent Stanger - Corn Agronomist and Research Assistant Seed costs have dramatically increased over the last few years. The development of transgenic hybrids and the associated technology fees has driven the cost of hybrid seed to the highest prices ever...

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All Plant Nutrients Interact

Contributed by Dr. Rob Mikkelson, At the core of most successful crop production is allowing plants to reach their full photosynthetic potential. This simple objective is complicated by hundreds of factors, some controllable and others subject to the whims of nature....

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Fertilizing for Dual-Purpose Wheat

Contributed by Dr. Mike Stewart, North America Program, IPNI Producing winter wheat for both grazing and grain—or dual purposes—is common in the southern Great Plains, with acreage tending to decline moving northward. The dual-purpose system works well in states such...

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